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Writers using creativity to double as skill coaches

Skill coaches, who have authored books, are gradually gaining popularity in helping improve personal and professional lives, be it in life, sports or business. According to these writers, coaching is a natural extension to the expression of their ideas, stories and beliefs.

Jay on Air with Hrishi

Coach Jay Kumar was on air with Hrishi K from 94.3 FM. Here is the audio excerpt. You can also see video excerpts here:

A better version of yourself

“If everybody did what they read, the world would be a much better place,” says executive coach Jaykumar Hariharan when talking of self-help books. That is why he chose not to write one. However, he wanted to write a book that would inspire people to…

New Mantra for Leaders

City based companies are taking advantage of regular training techniques to build a strong leadership as well.

Coach Jay Kumar on air with Superhits 93.5 Red FM

Coach Jay Kumar was on air with Superhits 93.5 Red FM. You can hear the session below: The session continues below:

Coach Jay Kumar on Air with Fever 104.5 FM

Coach JayKumar was on Air on Fever 104.5 FM. You can hear the session below:   The session continues below:  

Did you know that laughter is the secret of leadership?

  A Robert Half International survey found that 91% of executives believed a sense of humor was important for career advancement; 84% felt that people with a good sense of humor did a better job. Another study, by Bell Leadership Institute, found the two most…

Panel Discussion on IMA Scam

Coach JayKumar was invited to a panel discussion by News9 on the recent IMA Scam. Jay raised some serious concerns in the discussion. The video can be seen below:  

Launch of CoAtom

Technology will change the way the Executive Coaching marketplace will look like. “For people looking for career coaching, there is no platform where they can find a mentor who matches their goals and personality. On the other hand, over 60% of a coach’s time is…

The power of reframing in order to stay relevant

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. In an apocryphal story, there were limited photographs that were available for an election campaign of a presidential candidate, and the rights for the same were held by an agency….

The metaphor that launched a $100 bn company

Leaders must convey meaning and have the ability to evoke emotions and connect dots—and metaphors do just that, believes Hariharan. I pay close attention to my coachees when I ask them to fill the blanks with appropriate metaphors. Life is ____________, Work is ______________, Family…

Mind the Gap

A Booz & Company forecast in a recent in-depth analysis of India’s top 500 companies that by 2017, 15 to 18 percent of leadership positions in those companies will be unfilled —or will be filled by people underprepared for the jobs.

Consistency – The Core of an Authentic Brand

According to Robert Cialdini’s book on influence, one key element stuck out on what brands and people can do to get people to open up and interact with them, to begin with.

The First 90 days: Hacks for the corner office

Regardless of whether the hire is from outside or within the organisation, a keen sense of the complexities of running the enterprise will have the new CEO asking for more hours in a day.

Are you a good leader brand?

Advertising and executive coaching share more common ground than one would think.

Secrets of a High Performing Team

Belief systems are guiding processes to tell us what gives us pain and pleasure and our belief systems are driven by generalizations about past incidents, behavior that have given us pain or pleasure, these generalizations guide us throughout our lives.

Decision Making and Managing Change

Trip wires and Checklists help us in decluttering which enables better decision making, easily replicable for various aspects of growth and learning and hugely instrumental in best practice habits.

Why Are Candies Sold At The Billing Counters Of Departmental Stores?

In the midst of making crucial enterprise decisions, The CEO needs to ensure the presence of a few trip wires that will ensure that this decision-making process does not suffer from these biases, as Drucker says ” making the right decision is a crucial skill…

Why CXO’s Are Abysmal Story Tellers And What They Can Do About It!

We are all story tellers, some of us are good, some bad and some transformative. We do it when we rally a team around a task, when we sell to a prospective client, when we craft an email, a blog etc. Anytime we seek to…

How Can You Get People To Sit Up And Take Notice?

Below is a list of four words. Read each one and take a second to determine whether it’s a real English word.

Credibility: An Ace Up The CXO Storyteller’s Sleeve

Why do we believe some ideas over others? The reasons could be many, all of us are swirling masses of opinions, beliefs and convictions. http://www.businessworld.in/article/Credibility-An-Ace-up-the-CXO-Storyteller-s-Sleeve/23-02-2017-113319/

The Curse Of Knowledge: The CXO Story Teller’s Enemy

As a C Suiter, being a change and communication meister comes with the role, whether you like it or not! Have you encountered a situation where you have unveiled a massive campaign only to find your campaign objectives being marginally met after several rounds of…

Story Telling: Concrete Language

One of the ways to make a great story come alive is to ensure there is clarity and concrete detailing to make the story stick. read more http://www.businessworld.in/article/Story-Telling-Concrete-Language-For-An-Abstract-World/03-04-2017-115650/

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