How to be the leader of your own life

The current model is broken, we were not meant to become great leaders with uninspiring drab lives or vice versa. The idea of Reinvention is as old as time itself. I have not met a single person, who does not want to change some aspect of his life or work in a positive manner. This is a “What if” book for a leader to reinvent himself at work and at life. Leading oneself – whether @work or @play, there are certain themes, patterns that emerge.

The book provides a great space for self-reflection through stories and perspective shifts. In the words of my completely unbiased editor

“This is a fun read with a deep river running through”

Why is this book necessary?

I work quite a bit with CXO’s and there was a thread that kept cropping up, which resonated a lot with me. Staying at the top is a difficult phase! Loneliness, Ego’s conflicts and pressure at work, Lack of a better life plan, lack of work-life integration, no time to self reflect. Questions about the bigger meaning and purpose, with no more peaks to scale, Existential questions pop up and questions go unanswered.


The Process

This book leads you down a graceful 12 step process to reinvent yourself at work and at life. This will explore you to reflect and rewire your mindset, impart the right skillsets and equip you with the right toolsets. You will through self-reflection and practice be able to:

    • Assess your current state on what’s working and what’s not as a leader.
    • Be inspired through stories and metaphors and learn powerful hacks in leading oneself and others.
    • You will find your own Madhyama Marga and navigate your way through the paradoxes that exist around us.
    • You will be able to unearth, through inquiry your own meaning and set inspirational goals that will positively affect you, your team and your family.