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What is Executive Coaching ?

Executive Coaching has proven time and again to be one of the best ways Leaders can learn how to be more, do more and achieve more.

An Executive Coach, by dint of definition, is a Coach who works with Leaders. As of now, owing to the nature of contracting on coaching goals, the process and the depth – Coaching is usually recommended or sought after by Senior Level Leaders, though this is changing rapidly as we speak.

We all have blind spots. While most of us are blissfully unaware of the biases, we operate by. Some Leaders who operate from a higher plane of self awareness are aware of their own biases. This should help them overcome the same, right?


The assumption, if they are aware of their own biases, they will be able to overcome the same is NOT true.

Spending time with oneself is great. To really introspect and tinker around with our own sense of identity. But, getting better with other people is best done when you are with other people. The third person perspective is invaluable in our path to unlocking greater potential.

Being Yourself at Work

We bring our whole selves to the Workplace – Our beliefs, needs, values, references, metaphors etc. These are a potpourri of various elements from combining Nature and Nurture.

Managing Change

How do we handle change, conflict, communication etc. How do we influence other teams and Individuals to elicit better results?

Adopting New Behaviors

The next step would be to understand and practice behavior that enables us to become better at leading ourselves and others. In the words of Eric Schmidt – Ex-Chairman – Google “If there is one thing we are bad at, it is seeing ourselves the way others see us”.

Lead with Confidence

Leaders continually need to evolve and grow, a combination of the environment and internal growth will lead to the appropriate style of leadership. If the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, you will tend to look at all challenges as a nail, hence it is important to widen your leadership repertoire.

Being Mindful

Since Leadership is a contact sport and our lives enmesh with other lives on the path of unlocking the value to our organization- we have to be mindful of our comportment.

Grow with the Flow

For leaders at the top of their game, who want to get better! The desire to grow is one of the most fundamental human aspects. I have never met someone who doesn’t want to get better at some aspects of their work or life!

Transform your professional life today!

Schedule a session with me to understand how we can work together and awaken the leader in you and take you to the next level.

The Process

Schedule a 15 minute call

A typical process would begin with a “Chemistry session” with your coach. This is simply a meeting where both of you can assess expertise, energy and that sense, you can work towards a meaningful and productive relationship with trust and rapport.

Get Onboarded

Read and sign the coaching engagement agreement. You will have your first Session with Jay - where you will discuss the 3 coaching goals you want to achieve by the end of this process and include that in the coaching agreement.

The Journey

This includes all your sessions stretched out over a period of 6 months with 1 session every 15 days. This will include interesting, fun and insightful conversations, discovering parts of yourself and completing the Homework given.

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