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Senior Leaders at work end up in conflict at some or most points in their career, whilst there might be justifiable reasons for some; by and large the organization loses. The structure of most corporations unwittingly encourages conflicts occur and collaboration takes a toss .In some organizations – Internal competition is stronger than external market based competition.

If you had choices, and all of us do!! Some might argue that they are left with disempowering choices –It is up to the internal construct of the individual in question to work/ turn around a powerful choice .Would you build a bridge or fight a battle? How would you know what would be a wise choice one? Is there an innate sense of survival that guides with us with “self Interest “as a primary concern .

If you had to hone this skill, A stake holder mapping exercise is worth considering for definitely “building bridges” and going about in a strategic manner.

On issues of Integrity and core value violations, one definitely needs to articulate objections or observations.Sometimes, with these issues, it isn’t just good to burn the bridge, one needs to take the battle into the other person’s territory.

But, by and large, if there is a healthy outcome orientation – Getting caught up in “ego wraps”, idea ownership won’t come in the way of reaching out for a WIN WIN. If Leaders are keenly aware about every interaction and some index to measure the success of each stakeholder conversation, It could look like this :

– Am I using this opportunity to understand this person better?
– Am I giving him clarity about what I seek exactly?
– At the end of this conversation – What should I do to leave this person with more clarity and confidence?
– Can I monitor myself at different points of the conversation to see if I am “losing the woods for the trees” and losing outcome orientation?
– Am I being consistent?


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