Professional Speaker

You would have noticed a bottle of coffee beans at a Perfume counter. Smelling that would relieve olfactory fatigue by jolting your senses and enhancing your perception of fragrances. My sessions or mini workshops serve the same purpose! In any conference or Seminar organized for Two days, on an average, there are about 20 presentations and 5-6 panel discussions and maybe some breakout sessions based on the theme of the conference/seminar. True value gets added to the Ecosystem when there is Knowledge sharing and networking ,when brands present a thought leadership agenda and relationships are built and nourished, When access and acknowledgement is a part of the curation. True value is added when there is a differentiated experience

There are Potential Landmines to a good event experience like sponsors presenting Sales decks and speaker overload leading to audience disengagement. It does not bode well when there is low energy with no visible shifts in state or perspective. There is the danger of the event becoming an Echo Chamber when everyone in the community is talking about the same thing with no interdisciplinary learning.

My speaking sessions/mini workshops are curated experiences that would energize the participants and will add value to them at work and life. The idea is to positively affect leadership and Lives, and not necessarily in that order. The workshops will ensure that the participants are refreshed, Perspectives get reframed and the mood becomes reflective. The talk will be relevant to the Participant and agenda agnostic. I have spoken at congregations of doctors, architects, CIO’s, School Principals and also several industry associations.